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Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, there has been no let up in the demand for iPhone wallpapers and themed iPhone background images. Although iPhone wallpapers may be available in hordes, Phantom of the Arts unveils an exquisite collection of iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds and screensavers that will embellish your iPhone, iPad and/or your PC too. Go ahead and experience the aura of transcendental digital art where nature is shown at its creative best through the artist’s gifted imagination.

Artist Kenhappen’s perspective of nature’s creative power has been portrayed here to be used as a background, a wallpaper, or a screensaver for your iPhone, iPad or Desktop. Each of these themes are visual treats that have been designed to share with you the artist’s unique insights into the realms of fantasy. The supernatural world is transported to the images through the masterstrokes of this talented artist. These images of outer space are far more fascinating than any others that you may have seen. Take the flight of imagination with him and discover the universe in colors so vivid and attractive. The gallery is filled with distinctly beautiful wallpapers to choose from.

These mystic wallpapers are also available in an iPhone app. So, you can download as many wallpapers as you would like, and use them as iPhone background images or iPhone screensavers. The illusions depicted on the wallpapers are as exclusive as they can get.

For novelty or iPhone comics seeking iPhone users, now it’s real easy to download a coveted set of iPhone wallpapers instantaneously. These mesmerizing wallpapers belong to the genre of Phantom Art. The marvelous visions of the mystical world can be ported to your iPhone, iPad or Desktop simply by downloading the wallpapers.