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Amazing Art Websites

Amazing Art Websites

The world of art is a vast place indeed, with so much going on than just shows at museums and galleries. It is indeed a global business with exhibitions, art fairs, auctions, etc. worth billions of dollars. Yes, billion with a ‘buh.’ If you are on the lookout for illuminating sites which are also comprehensive and ones that will give you their opinion, ones that won’t be biased, if you want to be caught up with the latest headlines and happenings in the universe of arts, Well then for the inner artist in you, here are some sites that are all about art. They will surely update you on whatever is going on in the art industry.

– has blown up recently thanks to its hugely influential annual art fair in the cities on New York and London. It has become one of the most influential brands in the art world. It started out as a magazine back in the year 1991. Content editing remains as a part of its core processes. The online magazine service that they provide up to date information about the happenings in the art world. It even gives a critical coverage of museums and galleries around the planet.


–    Art in America ( is one of the revered art magazines of our time. They began publishing back in the year 1913, so they are legitimately more than 100 years old. Art in America migrated to the World Wide Web (WWW) over the last 2 decades providing us with reviews, features and art exhibitions. They also put out a printed issue 11 times in a year.

–    Artspace ( which started out in 2011 became an online marketplace for some contemporary art. This is an attempt to make art more accessible than it is. They also have a magazine section that generally covers the latest trends in art and also some advice on what qualities to look for while purchasing works of art.

–    Artsy ( aims to connect collectors to artworks which are up for sale. A magazine component is also one of their strengths, filled to the brim with news, profiles of artists and features awe-inspiring projects from around the planet.

–    The Art Newspaper ( covers the business side of the world of art, more comprehensively than any other. Styles, ideas, trends, the significance of ancient art are just some of the topics that they love to showcase on their site. It was founded in the year 1990; they can be compared to the Wall Street Journal of the art world. They used to print and publish in multiple languages like English, Chinese, Italian, Greek, etc. The website is as thorough as its reviews and editorials. You being an art enthusiast will feel right at home here.

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