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Improving Your Digital Art Skills

Improving Your Digital Art Skills

Expressing your talents digitally has become all too common nowadays. Since the advent of iPads with a stylus; which has incredible sensitivity, artists all around the world can rejoice since they don’t have to keep buying art supplies. They don’t have to waste so much money on products that keep running out. They don’t have to wait for the paint to dry or lug their huge art pieces around. These tablets are incredibly powerful and very precise indeed. They can register the touch on the stylus on every pixel and be entirely accurate. Debating which is better, painting and drawing on an actual canvas or a 14-inch tablet or laptop? Well, that would be a topic for another day, now I want to talk about the benefits of expressing your art digitally, the good things about it and also how you can improve on those skills. You may take some time to get used to it. Graphic designers are loving the fact that they are able to do all their work so much faster now. The screen resolutions are spectacular; the stylus feels excellent to work with, they have tried to replicate what an actual brush or pencil feels like and perfected on it. Become a better artist using the latest tech of today. Use a white canvas in your app. A great one for digital artists which has proven to be a crowd favorite is SketchBook Pro. Even Photoshop but only if you are a pro can you fully utilize its usefulness.


This white canvas can be a remnant of the traditional medium which you intend to abandon. This default will make you use both light and dark colors and make you more accustomed to the experience. If you start with a black canvas, you will end up forcing yourself to utilize light shades only. Even hugely successful artists who have adopted the digital have can find themselves to be in a rut at some period in their career. Some software techniques should be researched beforehand so that you are not trying to run before you can walk, metaphorically speaking. Make sure you’ve got time as well.

You need to sketch as often as you can on your digital product. So that you understand what it’s like, some people actually prefer doing their work on tablets. One of the most significant benefits is that when you make a slight mistake on your iPad, you can just undo it, that’s not the case with the actual process of painting on an actual canvas. The aesthetic may be freaking amazing; you may even enjoy the smell of paint but trust me it is way more convenient like this. A tablet can provide you with perfection when it comes to performance and results.


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